Overnight Camp



Children come to Camp Tanager to have fun, to make friends and to enjoy the out-of-doors.  We teach LIFE SKILLS and inspire children to be the best they can be through our unique and creative programming opportunities.  Children spend their week under the guidance of our expertly trained camp counselors.  Camp offers educational programs, health & fitness, and a place to develop social skills.  TO qualify for a free campership certain financial requirements are in place.  As a general rule of thumb, campers that receive free or reduced school meals are generally eligible for a free campership.

In today's society, technological advances coupled with fears for safety have influenced us in raising the most out-of-shape, sedentary generation of children.  Playing in the streets/backyards with friends has been replaced with playstation play-dates and minecraft.  The inherent set up of camp requires interaction as well as activity.

Groups of like-age children live and play together, eat together, explore nature, function as teammates, and deal with the ins and outs of social relations - all under the supervision of our trained team, within the safe guidelines of some serious (and totally wacky at times) fun!